Riding prices 2024

Please make appointments for riding lessons in advance under 08364 / 1402 !!!!

Riding prices:House guestsGuests
Cross-country 2 2 hrs,*50,00 Euro60,00 Euro
Almritt with stop for refreshments approx. 3 hrs.
min. 3 participants
60,00 Euro70,00 Euro
Individual lesson with instruction (1 hour)50,00 Euro60,00 Euro
Lunge lessons (30 minutes)30,00 Euro40,00 Euro
Group riding lesson with instruction (1 hour)
min. 3 participants
25,00 Euro35,00 Euro
Children's riding with horse guide (30 min.)20,00 Euro25,00 Euro
Children's riding without a guide (1. hrs.)20,00 Euro25,00 Euro
Holiday riding courses (from 8 years)
min. 5 participants
325,00 Euro375,00 Euro

Mon. - Thurs. 09:00 - 16:00, Fri. 09:00 - 12:00 theory and practice (incl. lunch and drinks).

* Rides only for "saddle fit" riders in all 3 GGA. A riding lesson in the riding arena precedes all rides.

Please arrange riding lessons in advance by telephone at the stables.

For our loyal guests

QuantityDesignationHouse guests -
or price for local residents
Guests Price
10xGroup riding lesson250,00 Euro350,00 Euro
10xIndividual riding lesson400,00 Euro550,00 Euro
10xLunge250,00 Euro350,00 Euro