A small excerpt from our menu:

Not for the faint-hearted...

Ochsenkraft broth with flädle and chives
Homemade liver spaetzle soup with chives

Ebbs kloans

Colourful leaf salads of the season marinated with house dressing
Bruschetta of Allgäu farmhouse bread with tomato basil ragout served with smoked ham from a dairy foal
Allgäu schnitzel dream - crispy leaf salads with crispy schnitzel strips
Crisp summer salad with house dressing and small mouthfuls with onion and bacon sauce

The hit parade of our regulars

Schnitzel Viennese style cut from the pork loin, served with french fries
Saftiges Schweineschnitzel mit cremigen Pilzen die mit Kräutern, Speck und Zwiebeln verfeinert werden, dazu reichen wir hausgemachte Butterspätzle
Juicy pork cutlet with creamy mushrooms refined with herbs, bacon and onions, served with homemade buttered spaetzle
Grilled chicken breast with fresh vegetables and rice

From Allgäu brown cattle and young bulls

Swabian grilled onion roast with homemade melted onions and french fries
Juicy steak (200 g raw weight) - with crispy pan-fried vegetables, homemade herb butter, served with a small garden salad or French fries

You can do without meat...

Allgäuer Kässpätzle with homemade melted onions
Linguine with pesto tosca, courgettes, cherry tomatoes, carrots and Parmesan cheese
Falafel balls with cous-cous and lemon yoghurt sauce
Tender pike-perch fillet with parsley-lime crust au gratin on Provençal vegetables with courgettes, tomatoes, aubergines and olives

And now something sweet to finish...

... simply put together your "mini dessert at a mini price" yourself. Choose from:

  • Tiramisu in a glass
  • homemade crème brûlée
  • homemade chocolate mousse
  • Raspberry gruel with vanilla ice cream
  • homemade mini chocolate gingerbread gingerbread cake
  • homemade sorbet
  • Apricot parfait dumplings in an almond crust