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A world champion for Roßhaupten

Performance test winner, licensing winner, federal premium stallion, federal winner stallion, world's best dressage Haflinger - one title was still missing in his collection and he got it last weekend in Minden at the FEI World Driving Championships for Ponies.

Nakuri, noble bloodhaflinger stallion of Julia Linder from Haflingerhof in Roßhaupten and his driver Herbert Rietzler.

The FEI World Driving Championships for Ponies took place last weekend in Ostwestfalen.
took place last weekend in East Westphalia. The WEG started with the dressage competition of the single carriage riders. Herbert Rietzler from Obermaiselstein and his noble bloodhaflinger Nakuri, owned by Julia Linder from the Haflingerhof in Roßhaupten, started the competition as the eleventh pair. Nakuri, who was crowned the world's best dressage Haflinger last year in Breda in the Netherlands, once again showed his elegance and strength in the course. After health problems in the run-up to the WEG, he qualified late for the participation, but then delivered a very convincing performance.  After hours of trembling and hoping, it was finally decided:
Herbert Rietzler and Nakuri are World Champions in the single carriage dressage. What a success, because 100 one-, two- and four-in-hand drivers from 13 nations competed for the gold medal.

"It probably looked better from below than it felt from above," said Herbert Rietzler. Immediately after his test, he was in fact not entirely satisfied, as he had to push his stallion a lot. "It felt a bit tough to me," was his comment. "But Nakuri is also a horse with a lot of charisma," was then one of his explanations why the judges had probably seen it differently. National coach Wolfgang Lohrer also praised the performance: "Herbert rode very correctly, the judges could have easily given a few more points." With 50.67 penalty points, he came out on top of the 41-strong starting field.

At the end of the competition, the German pony riders won the team gold medal at their home World Championships in Minden. Although they had a comfortable lead over the defending champions from the Netherlands after dressage and cross-country, it got really exciting at the end. In addition, they won gold and bronze in the individual classification of the one-horse drivers, gold in the four-horse drivers and silver in the two-horse drivers. "This is the first gold medal for me with the team and therefore also a great success for me personally," said a delighted national coach Karl-Heinz Geiger.

Breeding trial with thoroughbred Arabian stallion "Expert

"Blood is the juice that creates miracles" was as true hundreds of years ago as it is today. This saying is still emblazoned in the mare stall of the Saxon Main and State Stud in Graditz, which was founded by August the Strong in 1722.
Every breed that wants to progress, with the aim of breeding a modern leisure and sport horse, needs the use of refiners.
It is also a fact that noble blood - i.e. thoroughbred - is found in almost all horse breeds and this is also necessary to maintain the hardness, performance and nobility of the horses. In warmblood breeding, thoroughbred stallions have been used at all times and even many cold-blooded breeds have noble blood. The only important thing is the targeted and well-considered use.

On 07.11.2013 the Breed Parliament of the FN (Equestrian Federation) decided to start a new breeding attempt (after the 70s) with the use of an Arabian stallion in Haflinger breeding. The aim is to refresh the ever decreasing proportion of Arabian blood in the Haflinger and to maintain and further improve the improvements achieved since the 1970s with regard to external and internal characteristics and traits in the range of use of the rider as well as the driver, in order to ensure that the Haflinger can successfully defend its leading position in leisure and competition sport in the future.
The Arabian stallion "Expert ox" from the Issmer Stud in Ströhen, one of the most successful Arabian studs in Europe, was selected. The stallion was already used for breeding in Moritzburg/Meura for two years (2015/2016) and in December 2016 we were able to acquire the promising stallion after consulting the breeding management in Munich.
"Expert" is now used for breeding at the Haflinger farm and is to achieve breeding progress in the Haflingers in the next few years through the supply of selected premium and state premium mares and to maintain the Arabian blood content.
"Expert ox" is the son of the Polish-bred "Monograf", who has brought about great breeding progress in Arabian breeding. His dam is the Arabian mare "Elwirena", a "Penthagonn" daughter. The half-sister of "Elwirena", the mare "Epuina" set the track record in Warsaw and her maternal grandfather "Emin" was one of the most successful ridden Arabians of his time.

Nakuri is the world's best dressage Haflinger

Great events cast their shadows ahead and so Herbert Rietzler travelled with his team and his stallion Nakuri to the World Championships for one-two and four-in-hand riders in Breda in the Netherlands on27.8.2015. A few weeks earlier, Nakuri had secured the title of German Champion in Schildau and thus qualified for the World Championships. Out of 8 candidates, 3 were selected for the German squad. Throughout the year, Nakuri had secured piece after piece of the cake and proved his competence at 4 World Championship qualifying tournaments in Bregenz, Dillingen, Minden and Schildau.

From 27.8. to the actual start of the World Championships on 2.9.2015, the training camp for the riders took place and already there you could see that there would really be world-class riders at the start.

A total of 32 participants fought for the coveted title. The motivation and mood of the teams were excellent, the preparation and condition of the horses optimal. Unfortunately, the weather took a turn for the worse, as it poured down with rain throughout the weekend, turning the beautifully prepared show grounds into a field in no time at all. This, of course, made it very difficult for the horses and their riders to compete.

In the dressage competition on the first day, Nakuri was able to hold on to 1st place for a long time and ended up in an excellent 4th place. On the second day, the starting order was reversed and Nakuri had to start as the 4th last in the race with 8 big obstacles over 14 km. Completely exhausted, he reached the finish line despite a very difficult course and finished in 20th place. In the last discipline, the cone race, on the 3rd WOC day, he had recovered and finished in 12th place.

In the individual classification, Herbert Rietzler and Nakuri came 14th. In the team classification, Germany was runner-up behind the Netherlands with only one more ball throw than the Dutch - a very close result.

As a personal highlight, Nakuri was awarded as the world's best dressage Haflinger and his owner, Julia Linder, who was also present in Breda, is proud of her "exceptional stallion".

Now Nakuri is back at the Haflinger farm and can take a holiday until the next breeding season.

Rosshaupten has a German champion

Nakuri wins with Herbert Rietzler and his team at the German Single Harness Championship in Schildau and qualifies for the World Championship.

Thank God the guests in the restaurant did not notice anything, because Julia Linder, the boss of the Landhotel Haflingerhof in Rosshaupten ,as well as breeder and owner of the outstanding noble bloodhaflinger stallion Nakuri, got confused with excitement when she heard about the victory of her stallion at the German Single Harness Championship in Schildau.

On the weekend of 23-26 July 2015, the final elimination took place in Schildau and Herbert Rietzler from Untermeiselstein was in good spirits that it could work out with the title. At the start of the season at the first WEG selection in Bregenz, the results were not yet so outstanding, but the stallion and driving team improved at every show.

In Dillenburg (Hesse) they took first place in the dressage, twelfth place in the marathon and again first place in the obstacle driving. This meant the overall victory at this demanding tournament.

At the 3rd World Cup qualifier in July at the international tournament in Minden, Westphalia, Herbert Rietzler took 8th place and was thus the second best German rider.

In Schildau, it was now a matter of confirming the previous performances in order to secure the World Cup ticket. This was achieved perfectly with an outstanding dressage and was rewarded with first place. On Saturday, a very difficult cone course had to be ridden, which Herbert Rietzler finished in fourth place despite two faults. Thus, a lead over the cross-country of 3 points (equivalent to twelve seconds in the cross-country) could be maintained. Since cross-country is not Nakuri's favourite discipline, it was clear that it was going to be exciting, especially since Kaja Helpertz, who had been in second place until then, had ridden an excellent cross-country course with her riding pony. Herbert Rietzler had a good cross-country day and came fourth. He narrowly defended his lead with a gap of only two seconds and thus the new German Champions are: Herbert Rietzler with his co-drivers Richard Rietzler and Katrin Frischkorn, and stallion Nakuri.

From 2.9. to 6.9.2015, the World Single Driving Championships will take place in Breda, the Netherlands. Three German drivers, among them Herbert Rietzler with Nakuri, make up the German squad.

It doesn't get any better than this

Engelbert Linder said to himself: "Double stitching is better" and landed a double victory at the stallion performance test in Warendorf.

On 6 November 2014, he drove the two stallions, the 4-year-old "Narius" and the 3-year-old "Almsommer" to the North Rhine-Westphalian State Stud so that they could take the stallion performance test there. The training lasted 4 weeks, the test was on 6 November. "Narius", son of the well-known sport and breeding stallion "Nakuri" and licensed in Munich-Riem in 2012, won the group of noble bloodhaflingers with a weighted final score of 8.32. With partial scores of 9.0 in walk, free jumping, rideability and willingness to perform, he was the outstanding winner of his test group.

The 3 year old "Almsommer", bred by the Hackländer breeding group in Rhineland and son of the legendary "Almbube" who passed away last year, was bought by Engelbert Linder in spring after his licensing for Rhineland in Wickrath and was excellently prepared for the performance test by Theresa Linder. In October 2014 he had also been approved as a breeding stallion by the South German associations in Munich-Riem. He won the group of Haflingers with a weighted final score of 8.39. For his interior he received 8.61, 8.11 in riding and with a dream score of 8.78 he confirmed his excellent driving ability.

Pictures © Denise Senkhorst Wulf