Holiday riding courses 2024

  GuestsHouse guests 
Easter:01.04.-05.04.24375,00 Euro325,00 Euro 

375,00 Euro

325,00 Euro

Summer:05.08.-09.08.24375,00 Euro325,00 Euro 


19.08.-23.08.24375,00 Euro325,00 Euro 


02.09.-06.09.24375,00 Euro325,00 Euro 

From 8 years, min. 5 participants

Holiday riding courses start on Sunday at 16:00 (please call again) with a carriage ride.

Monday to Thursday from 09:00 to 16:00 theory and practice (incl. lunch and drinks).

Friday from 09:00 hrs to approx. 12:00 hrs (from approx. 10:00 hrs pre-riding for parents and interested spectators).

Riding course registration.pdf